3. Regatta Processor


It is intended for regatta boats and the most demanding skippers who wish to take full advantage of tactical and routing software. True wind data is the most difficult data to measure with accuracy. This data results from a calculation that involves several parameters such as surface speed, apparent wind angle and speed, surface drift, heel… and mast twist. Found at the heart of nke’s architecture, the “REGATTA” processor is a very low consumption, light and extremely rugged onboard calculator. Associated with the HR sensors, it performs the necessary calculations and shows the information on the displays and onboard computer systems.

Data acquisition is carried out at 25Hz, i.e. 25 measurements per second. Associated with correction tables, the processor provides accurate and responsive true wind data. Using the measurements of the hull’s attitude (3D movement of the boat), angles, accelerations and gyration speed, true wind data are corrected for the boat’s accelerations, which can make the wind vane vary by more than 20° in waves.

The Datalogger function allows all the data to be saved to a USB key. Upgradability (upgradable by email, customization of variables and displays, hardware extensions via USB, Ethernet…).


  • Power consumption: 200mA
  • Supply voltage range: 9-18 V
  • Dimensions: 200 x 110 x 60 mm
  • Tightness: IP67 – Weight: 500g

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