1. Fast HR GPS


GPS HR is a DGPS receiver that gives you your position and bottom speed in real time by measuring geometrical distances between a number of satellites in orbit and your receiver. It comprises a GPS unit and an antenna. The antenna is designed to receive the signals in any heel condition. GPS HR has an accuracy of 0.7m and a frequency of 10Hz. It can be connected to the HR Processor or Regatta Processor.

The GPS has two NMEA outputs called NMEA 1 and NMEA 2. They are configured differently to allow the GPS to be used in high frequency mode and normal mode. The NMEA 1 output provides bottom speed and heading, position, date at a 10Hz frequency (i.e. 10 times per second). This frequency allows the pilot to be steered using the bottom speed and improves bottom true wind calculation. The NMEA 2 output provides the same information as output 1 at a 1Hz frequency (i.e. 1 time per second). It delivers the GGA, GLL, VTG frames… compatible with NMEA 0183.


Technical specifications of the receiver:

  • Number of channels: 12
  • Startup time: 60s
  • Communication:
    • Serial port: 2 NMEA 0183 serial ports
    • Baud rate:
      • 4800 for output 1
      • 19200 for output 2
  • Weight
    • Antenna: 50g
    • Receiver: 400g
  • Environment:
    • Operating temperature: – 30°C to +70°C
    • Storage temperature: – 40°C to +85°C
    • Tightness: IP67
    • Housing dimensions: 120 x 90 x 50 mm
    • Antenna dimensions: 65 x 45 mm
  • Power supply:
    • Receiver power supply: 8 to 15 VDC
    • Receiver + antenna consumption: 315m