1. Multi Graphic Display


Multigraphic Display

is a Multifunction display for navigation AIS and the nke pilot’s control. Its graphic screen offers a wide range of display options:

  • 5,7”colour display with LED technology.
  • 160 degree vieuwing angle and low power consumtion
  • NMEA input  with integrated console

For the autopilot

  • Direct control of the autopilot (+/- 10‘, +/- 1‘, auto, stop)
  • 3 Autopilot pages (cross track error, analog or digital page)
  • Fast access to the settings and alarms

For the navigation

  • 10 pages with costumizable information, mix of analog, digital or graphical
  • 5 pages dedicated (AIS, Go to, XTE, tactical, autopilot)
  • Display of the nke bus and NMEA values
  • direct access to sensor calibration and alarmsettings
  • skins are selectable to adapt the display to ambient light

For security and fleet tracking

  • AIS page with radar screen to see targets
  • selection and display settings
  • Setting alarm and treshold
  • Display Danger and Fleet tracking list


  • Dimensions: 192 x 118 x 23 mm
  • Viewing angle: horizontal >160degrees, vertical >120degrees
  • Power consumption: 90mA without lighting, 150mA with lighting.
  • Tightness: IP67 –
  • Weight: 750g, without cable

2 colours available:

  • Multi Graphic white, ref.: 90-60-359
  • Multi Graphic carbon, ref.: 90-60-399